2018 Real Estate Years Resolution

Dated: 01/10/2018

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As 2017 unfolds it is a good time to reflect on your life and business’s progress over the year and as you welcome another chapter in 2018 it is the high time to plan on how you want your business to develop and your life to improve. As you set out your plan for a better financial and personal goals in the next 12 months you need a couple of well-planned life goals and action plans. In every new year, resolution list real estate always has a spot whether you are buying or selling a home, a first-time buyer or loves investment properties. Whatever your real estate goal in 2018, you must keep in mind that decisions surrounding realty are not to be taken lightly and there are many effective steps along the way that can facilitate a smooth transaction.

If you are planning on buying or selling a home in 2018 then here’s a list of real estate resolutions to help make that happen!

Set your Budget.

In buying a new home One of the first steps you need to determine is what you’re able to allocate for a down payment and the associated costs of owning a home, including a mortgage.

While in selling a home it is important to begin to look at how you will be spending on the selling costs, that could include repairs, home inspection, commissions, and legal fees.

The MV Real Estate Group team can answer your questions regarding costs associated with selling or buying your home. We assure an easier process that leaves less room for unanticipated surprises!

Get Pre-approved.

Good results always start from preparing ahead of time. The best way to a hassle-free process is determining how much you can afford in buying a home. Get everything prepared and organized this include documents and paper works before meeting with a mortgage broker or starting bank transactions. It is also better to know when are the effective months to get your documents pre-approved. If you are planning to work with a trustworthy mortgage broker, we can make great local suggestions.

Get a Home Assessment.

If you are planning to sell your home finding a good Realtor can help you find out your home worth and meet your goals. Our company can help you in knowing how much your home cost in the current market. This is an essential data if your home proceeds will cover your next home purchase and the required mortgage.

Look for a perfect Neighborhood.

Finding your ideal neighborhood takes a couple of research and examination of the real estate areas you feel you would like to call your home. If you have a target area, take time to know the place and the type of community.  The MV Real Estate Group team can help you with this process- we are experts in the Calgary area.

Find the perfect agent.

Buying or selling a property will always require an assistance from a team you can trust.

From the moment you are thinking about your next real estate plans, still not in a position to purchase or sell at that moment or simply be looking for answers or guidance through the real estate process. We would love to help you find your dream home here in Calgary. Contact us today!

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2018 Real Estate Years Resolution

As 2017 unfolds it is a good time to reflect on your life and business’s progress over the year and as you welcome another chapter in 2018 it is the high time to plan on how you want your business

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