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Calgary Real Estate Forecast 2018

Here is a little update on the Forecast for Calgary's Real estate market in 2018. The economic conditions are improving in the province which will help the real estate market improve but factor that

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Dec 14 2017 34884 1

Some interesting statistics on Calgary's Real Estate market since the downturn in 2014. We have some positive signs that the market is in a recovery process with sales up 5.92% year to date. I will

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Oct 18 2017 34884 1

Interesting report highlighting how out of touch with reality real estate is in the country. Sales are declining across Canada at more than twice the rate anticipated, and prices are falling. Yet

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July Real Estate Market Calgary

The single-family market is actually doing okay. It has really stabilized. We’re now in the fourth month of seeing a slight increase in the number of sales which is something we haven’t seen in

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Detached Properties In Calgary

Now is a great time to sell your Single family home in Calgary. Detached homes have seen an increase in sales of 6.4% in the month of June. The average home prices have also gone up 4.25%.

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Jun 2 2017 34884 1

Job growth and reduced single-family inventory helped bring some stability to the local market, according to the Calgary Real Estate Board. Its April report shows sales of single-family homes rose 6

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